XAVI LLOSES | El Colmado
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XAVI LLOSES: piano, keyboards, electronics, visuals


Anti-pianist, sound terrorist, multidisciplinary artist, Xavi Lloses moves around the continuous exploration of all sorts and aspects of acoustic and musical phenomena, from a conceptual and disruptive viewpoint, both as a performer and a pianist. Absolutely absorbed in charting the misty boundaries where music loses its identity and its face, and melts into something else that is as inexplicable as highly intoxicating and magical.


The multifaceted conception allows him to carry out shows and performances where a variety of artistic languages join the score. Within this framework he has collaborated with many avantgarde poets in Catalunya and has written music and produced a large number of albums for a broad variety of artists. Founder of the Terrorist Corporation for the Dissemination of Sound, member of the Nuboläris collective and part of the experimental music band for great states (of conscience) A Devil On Each Shoulder, multi-disciplinar Xavi Lloses is a global artist with a unique visual and musical language.

El desplom de l'erudit - Xavi Lloses
99 - Xavi Lloses